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October 4th, 1998 (Watonga, OK)

Clouds & Sunsets

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October 4th, 1998

The tornado had just touched down to the southwest of Watonga, OK about 5:40 pm. It was about 10 miles to the west of us.





The tornado has just crossed Highway 33 east of Watonga. Now it is only about 5 miles to the west of us moving to the northeast.





The tornado is beginning to weaken. The sun illuminates the base of the tornado as the cloud begins to outrace the base of the tornado. The tornado is now about 1 1/2 miles to our northwest. It picks up red dirt as it crosses a freshly plowed field.






The tornado ropes out. As it crossed the road to our north, about 1/2 mile from our location, it tore a piece of asphalt off the road. The same storm went on northeast and produced another tornado by Dover before weakening.

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