May 5, 2002 NE Texas Panhandle, NW Oklahoma

This is the first view we had of the storm in the Texas Panhandle.  It was a little weak and disorganized.

It was cycling, trying to get it's act together, but was still weak.  Inflow into the storm was still about 20-30 mph.

Here's a view of the tower as we traveled NE to Canadian, TX trying to catch up with it again.

Here's another view of the tower and if you look close you can see a lowering.  The tower would develop a new updraft and then produce a lowering.  This is a few minutes before it produced a tornado by Higgins, TX and another by Arnett, OK.

This is a secondary lowering behind the main show.  This never did produce a tornado although it had some rotation and some updraft.  The tornado was still off to the NE of this picture and out of our view.

Here's another shot of the same lowering.

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